[Thanks to Helghardt for the photo]

Passionately curious. I enjoy exploring all the systems that we form a part of: from understanding how we function in groups (exploring the psyche) to figuring out how to write compilers. 

I studied computer science, socio-informatics, business and marketing in undergrad. From there I studied post-grad in Socio-Informatics, passing honours and Masters Cum Laude (2011, 2013): researching information overload on microblogging services with the help of the MIH Media Lab. As side-projects, I’ve also created many sites: the most popular (Tweekly.fm & TwimeMachine) having been used by more than 1 000 000 people. I’ve also been privileged to talk at a lot meetups, lectures and conferences about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies: including Nedgroup Investment’s annual national convention.

When I’m not creating technology, I make music under the moniker of Simon Segfault & The Cypherfunks.

Currently an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast, delving into payment channels, colored coins and altcoin implementations. It’s by far the grandest experiment humanity is busy with since the birth of the Internet: combining cryptography, technology, philosophy, politics, economics into one intellectually stimulating area. For a systems explorer like myself I wake up each day wanting to explore more of this fascinating idea.





Current stuff I spend my extra time on:

Enkore (Payment search engine & micro-tipping network).

Tweekly.fm (Share your music tastes automatically. 500k users. 20million updates shared).

TwimeMachine (Easily read/search old tweets. 585k users: including Paulo Coelho, ESPN and Cesc Fabregas).

The Cypherfunks (internet band & cryptocurrency).

A Place for Spaces (tumblr about spaces)

My Music (Simon Segfault)